For all those retailers who want to establish their own travel agency, Payti provides an online travel portal that will help the Payti agents to become travel agents and provide customers with flight booking services, train reservation services, bus reservation services and hotel reservation services. One can become an authorised IRCTC agent with Payti and book IRCTC tickets for their customers.

Payti Travel Solution has the experience and knowledge necessary to meet your business travel needs. Payti Travel Solution is a travel program that helps your company makes the most of your busy travel schedule.

Our organization focuses on becoming a complete travel solutions provider that offers personalized attention and personalized vacation packages to its customers. Payti Travel Solution enjoys working with the best travel and commerce experts and allows us to provide high-quality, cost-effective and end to end services to our valued customers.

Payti Travel Solution is well on its way to establishing a global network and can offer a variety of customized options to improve your overall tour experience. Our business and travel solutions provide corporate or group travel services to our customers. Our cost-effective and customized packages are designed to meet all your business travel and travel needs. To ensure that your business tour is easy and successful, we take every responsibility.

Benefits of Payti Travel Solution

  • Provide real-time data access.
  • Minimize maintenance costs.
  • 24*7 customer interactions.
  • Saves time and money.
  • Minimized order processing costs.
  • Instant reservation or booking facilities of flights, bus, train etc.
  • Useful for business expansion.

Payti Travel Portals offers customers or booking agents, in principle, travel information, reservations and all the information they may need while traveling. These travel portals retrieve information from central servers that have given them specific permission, and provide users with the lowest prices and the best service they want all the time.

The travel portal can be categorized into some of the most important portal types, such as flight booking, train booking, car bookings, taxi / bus bookings and much more.

Agents can simply search for hotels and book them online for the customers. They can easily view their account information, booking status and place number. Booking or cancelling a ticket is very simple.

It is the right way to promote your business and you will get a lot more potential customers through online marketing. Passengers have tacit help to book tickets in just one click

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